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Nasal bridge augmentation is a complicated plastic surgery procedure in SE (Sweden) - and it should be done by a skilled rhinologic surgeon. The surgeon would use the auricular cartilage as the autologous graft for nasal bridge augmentation. However, achieving an even and straight dorsum could be difficult if the harvested cartilage had convexities and concavities. Hence, many surgeons in SE (Sweden) - use alloplastic implants like Gore-Tex. On the other hand, these implants could enhance the risk of infection.

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Nasal Bridge Augmentation Procedure in SE (Sweden)

The surgeon would decide the size and type of implant depending on the present nose size and shape. The patient would be administered a general anesthetic or mild sedation. At the outset, the surgeon would create a nasal pocket so that the specially designed implant could be inserted. This is done by making an incision inside the nose. The dissection would be done on top of the nose or along the dorsum for creating the nasal pocket. Normally, if the pocket were properly created, the implant would sit tight inside the pocket. Sometimes, sutures might be necessary to keep the implant in place. Normally, the patient would be required to wear a nasal splint for about a week or 10 days to keep the implant from becoming loose or shifting.

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Safety Aspect of Nasal Procedure in SE (Sweden)

Any nose job is quite a safe cosmetic procedure if done by a skilled surgeon. The risks of infection, scarring, implant displacement, implant extrusion, and skin breakdown exist but these are normally rare. The use of autologous grafts would greatly reduce the risk in nasal bridge augmentation. Known as rhinoplasty in medical terminology, this nose procedure improves the looks and aesthetics of the face. Still, the patient should discuss in detail about the expected shape of the nose after the plastic surgery so that there is no chance for any ambiguity or disappointment later.

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