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Mastopexy in HI (Hawaii) – What is it?

A lot of people are opting for various breast procedures today in HI (Hawaii) and one of the most common among them is “mastopexy”. This is the plastic surgery that involved uplifting of sagging breasts and, in certain cases, repositioning of the nipple and areola in order to restore normality and beauty. The excess skin is removed and firmness is provided to the breasts. Though mastopexy can be done as a standalone surgery, many people in HI (Hawaii) combine it with breast augmentation which involves inserting implants inside the body in order to get the desired effect. Unfortunately though, the effects of mastopexy are not permanent. As a person ages and due to effects of gravity there are chances of descensus.

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Where are the Implants placed?
The augmentation implant in HI(Hawaii) can be inserted above or below the chest muscles. The below position is considered to be more preferable by most surgeons. There is less chance of feeling the implant, less chance of developing irregular folds or bumps on the surface of the breast and the implant is less likely to drop. This kind of plastic surgery technique is suitable for women with relatively little extra skin and less fallen breasts.

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Who should opt for Mastopexy in HI (Hawaii)?

People who feel uncomfortable with sagging breasts should opt for this breast procedure. Also certain women have breasts that have no volume but are pendulous in nature. Such women too should consider going in for this type of plastic surgery in combination with breast augmentation where implants are embedded into the body to provide both volume and firmness. People with enlarged areolas and whose nipples extend below the breast when not supported should opt for mastopexy to enhance their visual appeal.

Planing on having mastopexy procedure in HI?
Here is some General Information about HI:

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Are all people suitable candidates?

This breast procedure is best recommended for people whose breast development has stopped. Women who have borne children and are not considering further pregnancies can also opt for this plastic surgery. A person who does not smoke and has a normal body weight is considered to be the right candidate for surgery without many side effects. People in HI (Hawaii) who opt for this procedure should have a good understanding and realistic expectations. They have to be emotionally strong and understand that the effects are not permanent.

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What is the cost incurred?

The price of mastopexy can range between $1,500 and $8,000. The reason for this vast difference is because the cost depends on multiple criteria. It depends on whether the procedure is to be done alone or along with breast augmentation with implants. It also depends on the facility, surgeon’s reputation, skills and also the place where the person is undergoing surgery. The fees are generally inclusive of all the other costs like anesthesia charges, lab charges, medication and surgeon’s charges.

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