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What Is Lap Band Surgery?

Lap band surgery is a weight loss surgery that involves the insertion of a band around the stomach to control food intake and weight. This gastric banding plastic surgery goes by the brand name Lap Band, which is short for laparoscopic banding.

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Who Should Go For Lap Band Surgery?

The lap band surgery is an ideal and safer alternative to gastric bypass surgery, since it is less invasive, less time consuming and reversible. However, it is not your usual fat removal measure or cosmetic surgery and is advised only for people who are excessively overweight (BMI 35 to 40) and for those who suffer from weight related illnesses. Candidates for lap band are also supposed to have made a number of attempts at weight loss through medication, dieting and exercise before opting for the body procedure.

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The Lap Band Procedure

Lap band surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia and involves several inch long incisions on the sides of the abdomen. Laparoscopic instruments are inserted through these incisions and surgeons place an inflatable silicon band around the stomach using these instruments. A port or reservoir to control the inflation and deflation of the lap band is placed just under the skin. Depending upon the amount of weight that a patient needs to lose, and his or her health conditions, the size of the lap band can be changed through saline injection into the port after the surgery.

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Lap band patients in ME (Maine) - can go on losing weight in a healthy manner up till five years of surgery. It can be a lifesaver for morbidly overweight people and for those who suffer from severe weight related illnesses like diabetes, high cholesterol, heart problems and sleep apnea etc.

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Risks and Side Effects

Apart from the usual risks associated with plastic surgery procedures, a very small percentage of lap band patients may have to face band movement, tissue erosion, gallbladder problems, peritonitis and pulmonary embolism.

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