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hair implants in IS (Iceland) - Description

A sure fire way of curing baldness is to replace the unfit hair follicles with healthier ones from the back and sides of your head. Hair implants uses this very ideology to restore your hair cover and attempt to improve your hair line in a natural way with minimal side effects.

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Here is some General Information about IS:

Iceland By plane

Iceland is easily reached via air and the international airport is Keflavik, in the southwest of the country about 40 km from Reykjavik.

The airport itself is quite barren; if you have a lengthy layover you should make sure to bring books or other entertainment.

An airport transfer bus service (called the FlyBus) runs between the airport and Reykjavik bus terminal via various hotels (1100 Kr [1200Kr from 01 Jan 07], 45 minutes). A return is 300 Kr cheaper than 2 singles. Another great option is to take the bus which stops at the Blue Lagoon either to or from the airport, then continues every half hour or so to Reykjavik.

Be warned, a metered taxi costs about 9500 krona (roughly US$140).

hair implants in IS (Iceland) - Before the procedure

For people suffering from baldness, there are always many cosmetic treatments that they can choose from in order to restore their look. Although hair implants is one of the popular ones, it is not the only one available. You can choose other forms of hair transplant if they are cheaper and are going to be just as effective.

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How is Hair Implants Done?
Hair transplant in IS(Iceland) can be done in three forms: Hair Transplantation; Scalp Flap Transfer; and Scalp Reduction (Serial Excision). A technique using a tissue expander is also used such that a tissue is placed under a hair growth area near the bald area. This allows for cell growth and hair growth.

hair implants in IS (Iceland) - The reality

This skin procedure is very safe because of the fact that it is extremely simple and uses a proven technique to restore your hair cover. In fact, more people are choosing hair implants over other artificial techniques. After all, replacing the bald area with healthy follicles from the back and sides of your head is a guaranteed way of curing baldness.

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hair implants in IS (Iceland) - After the procedure

Post hair implants, you need to nurture and be gentle with your hair. Take good care of your newly placed hair and ensure that you are eating a healthy diet and protecting the hair from extreme weather conditions. As long as the hair on the back and the sides of your head are healthy, you are going to have good hair growth and not have anything to worry about.

hair implants in IS (Iceland) - Miscellaneous

As far as the procedure is concerned, there are no known serious side effects if carried out by a good doctor in IS (Iceland) . The cost depends on where you are going to get it done and also the extent of your baldness. Reputed doctors in IS (Iceland) - will charge more, but you will get a much better result that will dramatically improve the overall look of the face.

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