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Gender Change Surgery in NM (New Mexico) - Pros and Cons

Just like any medical procedure, sex reassignment has both its pros and cons. When it is done by experienced SRS surgeons, the results are almost always satisfying. The worst complications one can encounter in this case include minor infections, bleeding and loss of the grafted skin. Most of these conditions can be easily dealt with before the patient leaves the hospital.

The real disadvantage of this body procedure appears when it is performed by less experienced doctors. Various complications as well as life threatening infections can occur especially when doctors do not educate their patients about what they can expect from the procedure and how to care for their new genitals.

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The larger cities (Albuquerque, Las Cruces, Santa Fe) have some degree of public transportation, but this is still a state where you'll have to drive most of the time. The Rail Runner commuter train currently connects residential communities with downtown Albuquerque, service to Santa Fe is envisaged.

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Gender Change Surgery in NM (New Mexico) - Possible risks

Despite its advantages, you should also consider the risks you will have to take when you undergo sex reassignment.  Some of the more serious complications of the body procedure include major infection or bleeding, damaged bladder, damaged prostate and major nerves. These conditions are difficult to correct and will require extended hospital stay.

NM gender change surgery - Tip of the day:
Before the Gender Change Surgery Surgery
This is usually irreversible thus, it is advised for a potential patient to consult the plastic surgeons and physicians in NM(New Mexico) first if he or she is fit for such procedure and may be able to the consequences of the transplant. It is also important that you lay down your medical and health profile.

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One of the worst complications of gender reassignment is vaginal-rectal fistula which occurs when the rectal wall is accidentally cut during the dissection of the vaginal cavity. When this happens, excrement can actually exude from the vagina! Correcting this complication can take months (if not years) and you might need to redo the SRS using skin grafts.

Gender Change Surgery in NM (New Mexico) - After the Surgery

Once released from the hospital, your main concern is to heal. You will also need to ensure that your new vagina is functional and the only way to go that is through dilation. You will need to use a vaginal stent for this. Stents are typically 1 to 1.5 inches in diameter and has to be inserted to the vaginal opening for the duration of the recovery period. Patients who are sexually inactive will also need to do basic dilation at least twice a week to maintain vaginal width and depth.

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To avoid encountering the risks discussed above, make sure that you deal only with the top surgeons - those who have extensive experience with sex-change and other body procedures.  Aside from this, it is your doctor’s responsibility to inform you of the different processes you will undergo, how long will be and how you can take care of your “wound” so that it heals properly. But most important of all, you should ensure that you are emotionally for the results before you decide to undergo the procedure.

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