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What Is Gastric Banding Surgery?

Gastric banding is a plastic surgery procedure where an adjustable band is placed around the top of the stomach. The attachment of this “gastric band creates a small pouch on top of the stomach which helps patients in weight loss through appetite control.

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Most people get around Iowa by car. Certain, more rural parts of Iowa - like much of the Midwest - is laid out on a grid pattern. Drive on any of the state's outer highways, and you will quickly come to realize that there is an intersection at every mile. This makes figuring out where you are and getting from there to where you need to be a relatively simple undertaking.

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Who Should Opt For It?

Gastric banding is an extreme weight loss measure that is advised only for people who are morbidly overweight (BMI>40) and who have been unable to control their weight through regular means like exercise, dieting and supplements. It is also advised for people with heart disease, diabetes and other weight related ailments who have a BMI less than 40 but whose weight is more hazardous than others. It is a safer and less invasive option for those considering gastric bypass.

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The Gastric Banding Procedure

Gastric banding surgery is performed under general anesthesia where the surgeon in IA (Iowa) - makes a number of small incisions in order to introduce the silicone band on top of the stomach pouch. A small reservoir, which helps in tightening the gastric band after surgery is also inserted inside the skin. In most cases, the procedure is totally laparoscopic.

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The pouch created by gastric banding limits the intake of food while providing a sense of fullness even when small amounts are eaten. This helps patients who have undergone this procedure in losing weight over a long period of time. A monitoring of patients after two years showed an average weight loss of 23 kgs combined with an improvement in the condition of ailments like diabetes, blood pressure, high cholesterol, gastro-esophageal reflux, asthma, sleep apnea, depression and infertility.

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Risks and Side Effects

Apart from the usual risks associated with plastic surgery procedures, a very small percentage of lap band patients may have to face band movement, tissue erosion, gallbladder problems, peritonitis and pulmonary embolism.

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Using a blood test and a decision algorithm, rather than standard hospital protocols, to determine the appropriate length of antibiotic therapy in patients with severe sepsis or septic shock can reduce duration of treatments, shorten ICU stays, and lower hospital costs all without adverse effects on patients, according to new research. More...

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