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Plastic Surgery Forehead Lift Procedure Animation

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Forehead Lift Procedure

A browlift or forehead lift is a procedure designed to lift sagging eyebrows and rejuvenate the appearance around the eyes.

Incisions are made in the hairline. This location is chosen because it is a good area to conceal any scars.

A special instrument is inserted through the incisions to carefully lift the skin from the bone. The skin is retraced all the way to the eyebrows.

The skin is then lifted up and permanently tightened using sutures.

Extensive swelling may be present for a week. It may take longer to achieve the final results.

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Plastic Surgery Forehead Lift Procedure Animation

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Here is some General Information about Hong Kong:

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Apart from taxi, the fastest local passenger transport to the airport is the Airport Express train that zips you in and out from the Kowloon and the Central district. The journey takes only 23 minutes, and there are plenty of baggage handling officers to help you get heavy bags on and off of the train. There is no need to tip them. Each way costs $60-$100, or a round trip for $110-$180, depending on the distance travelled. After arrival, free shuttle buses connecting to major hotels in Kowloon and Central are provided, or you can continue onward by MTR or taxi.

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How does Recovery take place?
The bandage remains in the face for about 24 hours. Pain or uncomfortable feelings can be treated with painkillers. Numbness and swelling usually occurs. Surgeries in Hong Kong(HK) allow bandages removed after a day or two and your face may look swollen, with bleeding spots. Those will disappear after few days or weeks.

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