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What is Fat Transfer?

The main advantage in fat transfer from one part of the body of the patient to another part is that there is absolutely no possibility of rejection. Further, the fat is absorbed into the body gradually and side effects are avoided. The other dermal fillers and silicone implants could lead to unexpected complications. The cosmetic procedure of fat transfer or fat grafting could be applied as an effective remedy to several deformities and imbalances in the body. Apart from cosmetic face procedure, fat transfer is extensively used in creating curvaceous and shapely buttocks and enlarging breasts.

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fat transfer in Kansas (KS) - Who Should Go For It?

For successful fat transfer, the best method is vacuum liposuction. However, certain precautions should be taken to obtain the right type of fat. The vacuum in the liposuction cannula should not be too strong. Further, the vacuum pressure in the centrifuge should be lesser than 700 mmHg and the spinning should not be rapid but controlled.

The extraction of fat is generally done from the lower stomach, the inner thighs, and the inner knees, though any part in the body with adequate fat could be used. Since the fat is easily absorbed into the body, the surgeon would normally inject about 30% more fat fillers than the actual requirement. This would lead to a puffy or swollen look for the first few weeks. The donor sites and the injected sites would appear red and bruised for 2-3 weeks but the natural color and tone would gradually return.

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Kansas fat transfer - Tip of the day:
Do I need to take general anesthesia for Fat Transfer?
The choice of anesthesia depends on the surgeon performing the surgery, region from where the fat is being removed and the region where the fat is being inserted. While some doctors at Kansas(KS) recommend general anesthesia others suggest local anesthesia because the post-op recovery will be faster in such cases.

fat transfer in Kansas (KS) - Risks and Side Effects

The life of the face procedure or plastic surgery done with fat transfer could vary between 6 months to 8 years. This depends on how the donor fat was harvested, the technique adopted to treat the fat, the site of the injected fat, and the process by which the fat cells were injected back into the patient. Still, fat transfer is a safe and trusted cosmetic procedure for plastic surgeons to provide aesthetic and proportionate facial and body contours.

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Kansas fat transfer - News update:
Female consultants working in the NHS are responsible for fewer patient episodes each year than their male counterparts, according to new research published in the current issue of the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine.Researchers from the Universities of York and Birmingham highlighted a 20% difference in the number of episodes conducted between male and female consultants. More...

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