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Facelift plastic surgery for facial contour alterations would include several cosmetic procedures like chin reduction or augmentation, chin and cheek implants, malar augmentation and implants, and genioplasty. Due to technological advancements, the plastic surgeons are able to assess the facial aesthetics in a better manner. The various types of implants and precision operating tools help the surgeon to alter the facial contours in exactly the way the wish with minimum morbidity and achieve permanent results.

Risks in Facelift Procedures

One of the common problems that could occur in face procedures is allergy from the anesthetic. Infection at the implanted place is another normal risk in facelift operations. The use of antibiotics would generally remove this infection risk. A rare risk is known as extrusion or the visibility of the implant through the skin. This might force the surgeon to remove the implant. In a few patients, the implant might shift or might collect fluid. A second surgery would be needed to correct these problems.

In any facelift cosmetic procedure, numbness and swelling lasts for several weeks. However, permanent numbness is very rare. Synthetic implants could cause diseases or other medical disorders. Bone erosion under the chin implants had also been reported. If the chin bone erosion is significant, the roots of teeth could be affected.

Facial Contour Alterations Procedure

Normally, facial contour alterations are done with chin and cheek implants. However, in certain cases, liposuction might be necessary to remove the excess fat in the chin or cheeks. Nose augmentation, reduction or nose tip alteration could be combined with these facelift operations. In certain patients, eyebrow lift or eyelid surgery might be added for a balanced and aesthetic facial appearance. The specific needs of the patient should be understood by the surgeon and the patient should be told exactly which procedures would be followed. This frank discussion would reduce the stress and anxiety in the patient.

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Plastic Surgery Your Procedure Procedure Animation

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