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Eyes are one of the most prominent parts of the face. Eyebrow lift is a cosmetic procedure in plastic surgery for correcting upper eyelids, dropping eyebrows, and sagging skin on the patient’s forehead. Eyebrow lift improves the furrows and lines that could make a person look tired or sad. Normally, eyebrow lift is performed on persons above the age of 40.

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Planing on having eyebrow lift procedure in New Zealand?
Here is some General Information about New Zealand:

New Zealand Cities

It's the country that's magnificent in New Zealand and we only list some of the most prominent. Here they are from north to south:

North Island:

Auckland — "The City of Sails." The largest and most populated city, with over a million in the metropolitan area, making it the largest city in Polynesia by far.
Gisborne — the easternmost town, Gisborne sees each day's light first in the world.
Rotorua — Famous for Maori culture, geysers, hot pools and that funny (Sulphur Dioxide) rotten egg smell.
Wellington — the national capital — Parliament and the Beehive and the wonderful, free Te Papa museum. "The Windy City".

South Island:

Eyebrow Lift Procedure in New Zealand (NZ)

Normally, the surgeon in New Zealand (NZ) - would adopt the open surgery method for eyebrow lift. In this delicate face procedure, the surgeon would make an incision that starts at the ear level and moves up around the hairline. The incision would be made behind the hairline and the scar would not be visible. In certain cases, the surgeon might follow the endoscopic eyebrow lift by making 3 to 5 short incisions and insert a scope in one of the incisions. The surgeon would be able to view the muscles and tissues from a screen. Then the forehead skin would be lifted. The muscles and the underlying tissues would be altered or removed for producing a smooth appearance. The entire procedure would take between 1 and 3 hours.

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Side Effects of Eyebrow Lift in New Zealand (NZ)

In this facelift cosmetic procedure, the normal side effects are discomfort, itching, numbness, and swelling. In certain patients, hair loss might occur along the edges of the scar. However, the surgeon should take care that the nerves controlling the eyebrow movements are not injured in this face procedure. Prolonged exposure to harsh sunlight during the first few months might be harmful. Vigorous physical activities during the recovery period could result in bleeding around the incised area. Infection is a distinct possibility and antibiotic medications should be taken. In the single incision patients, the period of recovery is usually longer than those that had undergone endoscopic eyebrow lift. The result of this facelift lasts for several years.

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New Zealand eyebrow lift - News update:
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