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What Is Dental Whitening?

Dental whitening, also known commonly in PG (Papua New Guinea) as teeth whitening, teeth bleaching or dental bleaching is a common cosmetic treatment used for making teeth whiter.

Who should opt for dental whitening?

Over the passage of time, our teeth lose both their pearly white color and luster due to wear and tear, exposure to staining food and drink, tobacco, bacteria and minerals. Yellow teeth with stains hardly make for a great smile, and most people with such teeth can benefit greatly through dental whitening.

PG dental whitening - Tip of the day:
Is the process of teeth whitening a recent procedure?
Teeth Whitening is a procedure that has been prevalent right from the time of Egyptians. Ancient Egyptians used a blend on white vinegar and ground pumice in order to prevent their teeth from discoloration. They used to apply this using a rudimentary toothbrush. With the passage of years, many new chemicals were identified that could be used for dental bleaching which are used by the dentists in PG(Papua New Guinea) for treating their patients. 

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The Dental Whitening Procedure

Dental whitening can be carried out in PG (Papua New Guinea) in a number of different ways and through the use of different products. Some of the main products that are used for teeth whitening nowadays are gels, creams, toothpastes, strips, trays and powders. All dental whitening products are bleach based, with the active ingredient being either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. Using these products, you can either go for an at home dental whitening by using over the counter or professionally dispensed teeth whitening kits or opt for an in- office bleaching or laser teeth whitening.

Dental Whitening in PG (Papua New Guinea) - Benefits

Depending upon the causes of teeth discoloration, the quality of the process being used and the expertise of application, one can get teeth that are 2 to 9 shades whiter after dental whitening.

Planing on having dental whitening procedure in PG?
Here is some General Information about PG:

Papua New Guinea Understand

Papua New Guinea (known popularly as 'PNG') - the eastern half of the island of New Guinea (which is the second largest island in the world) - was divided between Germany ('German New Guinea') and Great Britain ('British Papua') in 1884. The Dutch had West Papua, now the Indonesia territory of Western New Guinea. Papua was owned by England but administered by Australia - and thus a colony of a colony - until Australian independence, when in 1906 it became an Australian colony. In 1914 the Australians did their part in the Allied war effort and took control of German New Guinea, and continued to administer it as a Trust Territory under the League of Nations and (later) the United Nations.

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Dental Whitening in PG (Papua New Guinea) - Risks and Side Effects

Since dental whitening involves the use of bleaching agents, teeth sensitivity and gum and throat irritation are some temporary side effects that are experienced by a number of people. Some less temporary side effects are over whitening or over bleaching and uneven whitening (which may be caused where veneers, fillings and implants are involved).

PG dental whitening - News update:

Objective  To investigate the outcome of unclassified eczema (UE). Eczema refers to a set of highly heterogeneous clinical conditions including contact dermatitis (CD) and several types of endogenous eczema. In clinics, however, the eczema of a large proportion of patients does not fit any known patterns and has been diagnosed as unclassified eczema. The prognosis of UE is largely unknown.

Design  Cohort study with 1-year follow-up.

Setting  Dermatology clinic in Peking University Third Hospital, Beijing, China.

Patients  All cases of UE in 655 consecutive patients with eczema patch tested with the European Standard series occurring during a 2-year period.

Interventions  At 1 year after patch testing, all patients were asked to revisit the clinic, and 599 patients returned (91.5%); of these, 192 had UE (32.1%).

Main Outcome Measures  The rate of symptom-free skin for at least 3 months without relapse before evaluation.

Results  During the follow-up period, only 15.1% of patients with UE had their lesions cleared, which was a much lower rate than for those with CD (50.4%) (P < .001; 2 test) but close to the rate of those with atopic dermatitis (7.1%). A total of 11.0% of patients with UE had atopic diathesis, and 72.4% of those with UE had a positive reaction to at least 1 contact allergen, which was a lower rate than that of patients with allergic CD (88.6%) but higher than that for patients with irritant CD (53.8%) (P < .001 and P = .004, respectively; 2 test); however, none of these results were relevant to eczema.

Conclusions  Unclassified eczema is a common type of eczema with a very poor prognosis. This important category of eczema should be recognized and studied further.


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Dental Whitening - Costs

Over the counter teeth whitening kits can be purchased in PG (Papua New Guinea) for as less as $10 while a custom made at-home kit or tray may cost $100 to $400. Laser teeth whitening and in office dental whitening can cost anything between $300 and $1000, depending upon your choice of clinic, procedure and your geographical location.

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