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Cheek Lift in Guatemala (GT)  - What Is It?

Cheek lift or mid-face lift is an effective cosmetic procedure for restoring the natural shape of cheeks and lower eyelids. As you age, the skin in the face loses its tone and elasticity. Cheeks sag and the eyes appear tired. The cheek lift is primarily done to correct the indentations of the upper cheeks, puffiness in the under-eye area, and highly prominent nasal folds. Cheek lift or mid-face lift is different from general facelift or lower facelift. In this unique buccal face procedure, the subperiosteal and suborbicularis planes in the lower eyelid area are addressed. In certain cases, cheek lift could also be done, approaching the cheeks through the mouth or from the head.

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Here is some General Information about Guatemala:

Guatemala Money

The local currency is the Quetzal which is named after the national bird, which has ancient and mythic connotations even still. US dollars are widely accepted and can be exchanged in most small towns. There seemed to be a shortage of small denomination notes and coins (december 2006 - february 2007) which are essential if you want to eat from street vendors or shop in markets. Change your larger notes at every opportunity and try not to spend your change. Often store owners lie to you, claiming that they do not have change so be persistent. ATMs can be found in the major towns but do not expect to find them in every tourist spot. It is fairly easy to find your self in a town without an ATM or a place to change money.

Do not expect to be able to easily exchange travelers checks to Guatemala. You might find a few places willing to accept checks issued by American Express but all other types are universally turned down. Amazingly even major banks in Guatemala City do not accept VISA travelers checks.

Cheek Lift in Guatemala (GT) - How Is It Done?

In the cheek lift procedure, the cheeks could be lightly elevated, the lower eyelids could be smoothened to the level of the cheeks, and the hollowness under the eyelids could be reduced. The purpose is to provide a better appear to the lower eyelids and the mid-face and make them look less hollow. Cheek lift plastic surgery should be done in a subtle manner. If the cheek lift were performed in a radical fashion to provide too much augmentation to the cheeks, it would increase the distance between the cheek pads and spoil the natural appearance or cause the bunching of the tissues under the eye.

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Cheek Lift in Guatemala (GT) - After the Surgery:

The lower eyelid tissues are highly delicate and one of the most difficult areas in cosmetic procedure. This face procedure could be done either by incision and sutures or through structural fat grafting. Sometimes, both the procedures could be combined for creating lower lid contours and youthful cheeks. Cheek implants are also used for cheek lift but infection and bone resorption risks could occur in many patients as possible side effects. The plastic surgeon should consider each patient as a separate issue before deciding on the type of cosmetic cheek procedure.

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