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Hong Kong Brow Lift - The Procedure
With age the brows drop below the eye line and wrinkles appear on the forehead, those make us look angry, sad and tired all times. Brow lift is most popular among ages 40-60 and you can combine it with a facelift or eyelid surgery.

Using the classic technique, the surgeon cuts ear to ear through the scalp behind the hairline. This allows him to get access to the forehead, release the muscles, removes extra skin and lift the eyebrows to higher position. This method is modified for people with high forehead and retreat in the hairline. Then the cut is made in front of the hairline so that brow lift doesn`t cause additional retreat.

In the endoscopic approach 3-5 small incisions made on the scalp from ear to ear behind the hairline. Then using special tool extra skin and tissue being removed from the forehead and sometimes attached to the scalp from the inside. With time the wrinkles disappear. Sometimes the surgeon inserts special hook through the endoscop which attaches the tissue to the desired location. The hooks melt with time and the forehead reshapes. In another technique smaller cut is made through the temple areas, the extra skin is removed as described. This approach used when the outer portion of the brows needs to be lift. The operation can be done using local anesthetics with deep sedation.

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Hong Kong Brow Lift - Risks
Every operation has its complications. This one includes damage to the forehead nerves that will result in inability to move the forehead or brows. Lost sensation, usually temporarily, around the scar. Hair loss in the scar margins and wider scar. Infection and bleeding. Endoscopic complications can force the surgeon to do the open surgery, which has longer recovery period.

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Hong Kong Brow Lift - After Surgery
After the surgery with classic approach there might be uncomfortable felling of ant crawling and pain around the scar. Those usually disappear with time and the pain can be managed with painkillers. It may be difficult to open the eyes due to eyelid swallowing. The endoscopic approach has less pain and alter sensation.

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Hong Kong Brow Lift - Healing
You can return to work 10-14 days after the surgery but the final results can be seen only after a few weeks. You must avoid vigorous activities that can elevate your blood pressure for a few weeks. Also avoid prolonged heat or sun exposure. Most marks of the surgery resolve after 3 weeks, minimal swallowing and small hemorrhages can be covered with make up.

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Plastic Surgery Browlift Procedure Animation

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Quick Tips to Better Recovery from Browlift
You can come out of bed after 24 hours as advised in your clinic in Hong Kong(HK). You should avoid alcohol, hot tubs and saunas for at least a month. Taking antibiotics also reduces the risk for infections. Many return to work after 3 weeks. Sometimes make up is needed to blur the hemorrhage spots.

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