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Of the many breast procedures in vogue today in FL (Florida), once of the most commonly sought after procedure is “mastopexy” which is the medical term for breast up-lift surgery. In this type of plastic surgery, the sagging breasts that have lost their visual appeal are worked on in order to restore the firmness and lift it to bring back the former beauty. This procedure may be done independently or in conjunction with breast augmentation where implants are embedded into the body to enhance the breast size.

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Breast Up Lift in FL (Florida) - The procedure in detail

The breast up-lift procedure not only involves lifting up of the sagging breasts but also providing the much needed firmness to them. This type of plastic surgery is done under general anesthesia and the entire procedure takes two to three hours to complete. You will have to spend a night in the hospital in FL (Florida) post the surgery as a post operative measure. Though there are several ways in which this procedure can be accomplished, the most common technique, followed by a number of surgeons all around the world, involves making three small incisions on your skin around that region that resembles an anchor. For the first few days after the surgery you will need to wear a sports brassiere, however, post that you can resume wearing the brassiere you are accustomed to.

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Should you opt for breast up-lift surgery?

Though this procedure can help elevate your beauty, there are points that you will need to consider before opting for it. First of all, if you plan to have babies after having this procedure done, then, getting this surgery will prove to be a futile effort. Pregnancy not only causes sagging of breasts again but also leads to the formation of stretch marks. Also, people with smaller breasts can retain the effects longer than people with larger breasts. You will need to have a clear understanding of breast up-lift surgery, set realistic expectations and be emotionally strong.

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Breast Up Lift in FL (Florida) - costs

The cost of getting this breast procedure done varies depending on the country and the hospital. It also depends on the surgeon performing the procedure. If you intend to get breast augmentation involving implants done, then, the cost will increase substantially.

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