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Breast reconstruction is a surgical procedure usually designed to reconstruct the breast of patients who have had a mastectomy due to breast cancer. Depending upon the patient, there may be several different options for breast reconstruction, involving breast implants as well as using the patient`s own tissues.

Not every patient will be a candidate for every reconstruction technique.

The animation shows a breast reconstruction which is performed at a later time than mastectomy. In some cases, breast reconstruction may be performed during mastectomy.

An incision is made along the previous scar and dissection is carried down through the tissues to the chest wall.

A tissue expander is placed in the mastectomy site. A tissue expander is similar to a balloon which is deflated at the time of placing. The balloon has a magnetic port that can be accessed through the skin for future filling.

The expander is filled slowly with saline solution. The process takes several months. This is usually performed on a once a week to once in two weeks basis. It involves placing a needle through the breast and into the magnetic port. Each treatment the expander is usually filled with 50cc of saline, until the site matches the other breast.

The nipple and areola are reconstructed with either local tissue and tattooing or a skin graft from the patient`s inner thigh.

Breast reconstruction with an implant would be an option in certain candidates. Patients who have had, or are going to have, radiation therapy are usually considered not the best candidates. Although such procedure is less invasive than autologous reconstruction, it requires more time and visits to achieve the final results.

Breast reconstruction is a complex procedure and results vary.

After the expander has reached the proper size, another operation is performed to place a permanent breast implant. Your surgeon may place you in a special bra, or wrap you with a compression wrap. Compression garments are an important part of the recovery process. The garment provides support and comfort, it minimizes swelling, and helps maintain the position of the implants.

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