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Breast Reconstruction Autologous Procedure

Breast reconstruction is a surgical procedure usually designed to reconstruct the breast of patients who have had a mastectomy due to breast cancer. Depending upon the patient, there may be several different options for breast reconstruction involving breast implants as well as using the patient`s own tissues. Not every patient will be a candidate for every reconstructive technique.

Autologous tissue is tissue taken from another part of your body. This animation shows a breast reconstruction that is performed at a later date than the mastectomy. Sometimes a breast reconstruction may take place during the mastectomy.

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An incision is made along the previous scar and dissection is carried down through the tissues to the chest wall.

Tissue from the abdomen or the back is dissected from its normal location and rotated into the mastectomy site to re-create the new breast. Important blood vessels are left attached and intact to provide blood to the tissue. Other tissues such as muscles and fat from the buttocks or even the legs can be used to recreate a breast in select patients, although these procedures are far less common.

The nipple and areola are reconstructed with either local tissue and tattooing or a skin graft from the inner thigh.

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Autologous reconstruction may be a good option in certain candidates; however, this can only be determined after consultation with your surgeon. Depending on the reconstructive technique utilized, the healing time can be from four to eight weeks or longer. If the abdominal tissue is utilized, the healing process will be longer. If the muscle from the back is used, the healing time is usually shorter. Breast reconstruction is a complex procedure and results vary.

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What should I look for in a surgeon I choose for Breast Reconstruction Autologous surgery?
The surgeon you opt for in ES(Spain) should have finished a five year surgical training program successfully and have an experience of at least two years. The surgeon who performs breast reconstruction or any other plastic surgery should adhere to the code of ethics for surgeons. The surgeons in the hospitals also usually undergo rigorous in-house training before performing this procedure on their patients.

The patient is placed in a compression garment or bra. Compression garments are an important part of the recovery process. The garment provides support, comfort and helps to minimize swelling. The patient is usually wearing a bra or some type of supportive garment at all times, except when showering. Healing time is approximately three months. Scarring is variable and often depends on the patient`s ability to heal.

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