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Breast Implants – Understanding them better

Breast implants are an important aspect of many breast procedures. In a plastic surgery like breast augmentation in HI (Hawaii), the breast implants play a crucial role. Hence, if you are planning to undergo any cosmetic surgery in HI (Hawaii) to enhance the look of your breasts, then, it is important to understand the implants involved in greater detail.

Understanding breast implants

A breast implant is an artificial prosthetic that is used on increase the size of a woman’s breast. These are a number of types of implants available in HI (Hawaii) depending on the surface, shape, filler and size.

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What are the Different Techniques in Breast Augmentation?
There are three possible areas for the insertion of an implant for augmentation in HI(Hawaii). The lower fold of the breast is the most common site. The second site is through the areola. This incision gives the best esthetic results. The third one is through the armpits. Some plastic surgeons prefer it because the scar is almost invisible.

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Depending on the type of surface, there are two main types of breast implants. One has a smooth surface and the other one is textured. The one with the smooth surface is very susceptible to move, whereas, the implants with textured surface stay put in their place. However, the smooth surface implants have better longevity and durability as compared to their textured counterparts.

Based on the type of filler used, the implants used for breast augmentation can be classified into saline implants and silicone gel implants. The saline implants have a firm shell that holds either salt water or saline solution inside it. The benefit of using this is that, in case the implant breaks, the body can easily absorb the contents. The silicone gel implants impart a natural look to your breasts and are soft.

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Placement of breast implants

There are three main ways in which the implants are placed within the body. The first one is the sub-glandular implant where the implant is place below the breast but above the chest muscles. The second type of placement is called partial sub-muscular breast implant where the implant is place beneath the breast and between the muscles of the chest. The third type of placement is called the full sub-muscular breast implant where the implants are placed below the breast, beneath the chest muscles.

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It is always recommended that you consult a good surgeon in HI (Hawaii) before you finalize the type of implant you want to opt to be used for breast augmentation. Depending on your body type, your surgeon in HI (Hawaii) can prescribe the best one for you and also recommend the type of placement that is most suitable for your anatomy.

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