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CL Body Contouring - Operation
The extra skin can cause hygiene problems, avoiding cloth with short sleeves and low self-esteem. Body contouring is a series of plastic surgery operations, which can be divided into two groups, lower body lift and upper body lift. The lower body lift deals with your abdomen thighs and buttocks. Upper body lift is complementary to the lower body lift and it deals with breast and upper arms.

CL body contouring - News update:
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CL Body Contouring - Ideal Candidate
The ideal candidates for the surgery are people in good general health who are unsatisfied with their body appearance.

CL body contouring - Tip of the day:

Is Body Contouring safe?
Body Contouring in CL(Chile) should be really safe. This technology has already evolved from years of research and experience. Aside from being performed by the best doctors in CL(Chile) who have already undergone hundreds of body contouring, body procedures are continually being perfected. Be sure you choose the right surgeon in CL(Chile) for the desired procedure.

CL Body Contouring - Operation Process
During the surgery usually the abdomen is treated first, because it is the area with the most excess of skin and fat. A horizontal incision is made above the pubic area, through which the extra fat is removed and the muscles are tightened. In some cases liposuction is performed to remove extra fat. Thighs and butt are treated by the same principle. The operation lasts from 4-7 hours and performed under general anesthesia. Sometimes additional procedures are done during the same operation; those include breast lift, arm lift or inner thigh lift. Arm lift is done by placing an incision from the armpit to the elbow and by removing extra fat and skin. The excess fat from the inner thigh is removed by liposuction, the incision usually made between the groin and the upper thigh.

state_name] Body Contouring - The Procedure 
procedure can help you to dramatically improve your body appearance. It is usually the next step after excessive weight reduction or bariatric surgery. When you loose weight quickly your skin cannot return to the new size as quickly resulting in extra skin is areas such as the abdomen, upper arms, thighs and breasts. Sometimes your skin is not elastic enough due to aging process, which can lead to permanent skin flaps. It can also be done to repair the effects of childbearing and aging.

CL Body Contouring - Risks 
Every procedure has its ricks. The most common complication of body lift is seroma formation. Other complications such as bleeding, infection or blood clots are relatively rare. The scars never completely disappear, but they fade with time and change their size. This can take several months until the scars take their final appearance.

CL Body Contouring - Healing
This is a serious plastic surgery procedure, which takes some time to heal. Many people require 4-6 weeks before returning to their daily activities. You shouldn`t exercise or lift heavy weight 6-8 weeks. The swelling usually completely disappears after 3 month. It is important to wear special garments to assure proper healing.

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