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What is a Belt Lipectomy?

A belt lipectomy is a surgical body procedure used for removing excess fat from the waist area. A belt lipectomy is advised for people whose excess fat is not just based around the abdomen but is distributed around the stomach, sides, back and thighs.

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Here is some General Information about ID:

Idaho Regions

North Idaho is sometimes considered part of the Pacific Northwest. It's where the rolling grain-covered hills of the Palouse give way to the Bitterroot (Rocky) Mountains. South Idaho is usually considered part of the Intermountain West, and is in the Mountain timezone.

North Idaho -- Forested and mountainous, with "dry land" grain farming
South Idaho -- Mountainous, with arid basins to the south, irrigated farming and the state capitol, Boise

belt lipectomy in ID (Idaho) - Who Should Go For It?

A belt lipectomy is a major body contouring surgery that is advised for people who have suddenly lost a lot of weight due to gastric bypass surgery or drastic dieting. Others who should consider the procedure are those who are unable to get rid of the fat around their waist area even with exercise and diet control and those who are near normal weight but want a better looking, toned and sculpted mid section.

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ID belt lipectomy - Tip of the day:

What Should You Watch Out For in Belt Lipectomy?
The big challenge of the fat removal is to cause the graft to survive in its new place. This is achieved in ID(Idaho) by injecting small amount of fat each time into different layers, above and below the butt muscles. For silicone implants, the risks include spillage or leaks of the new implants.

The Belt Lipectomy Procedure

A belt lipectomy is a complicated plastic surgery that is carried out under general anesthesia and requires hospitalization. Excess fat, skin and flesh are removed using normal surgical procedures while the midsection is re-sculpted to look leaner and better. Only your plastic surgeon will be able to tell you the exact procedure that will be used for you depending upon the areas from which excess fat is to be removed.

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belt lipectomy in ID (Idaho) - Benefits

Most people who undergo belt lipectomy find themselves the owners of better looking bodies with toned, slimmer midsections that could not possibly be achieved without surgery.

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belt lipectomy in ID (Idaho) - Risks and Side Effects

Infection, wound separation, bleeding and seroma are some of the risks associated with a belt lipectomy. Bruising, swelling and pain are temporary effects of the surgery that wane off after a few days. Total recovery and results take time since this is quite a major plastic surgery.

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belt lipectomy in ID (Idaho) - Costs

A belt lipectomy can cost $25,000 and above depending upon your geographical area, the clinic or doctor you choose and the amount of fat to be removed.

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