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Aptos neck lift cosmetic procedure was developed by the Russian surgeon Dr. Marlen Sulamanidze and his son, Dr. Georgi Sulamanidze in 1996. Normally, Aptos neck lift is combined with Aptos facelift. In the traditional neck lift, the incisions had to be done very carefully by a skilled surgeon in Saint Lucia (LC) , since the muscles of the neck contains several nerves. The tightening of the neck muscles in this conventional method carries the risk of the nerves being cut, apart from infection. The Aptos neck lift is also known as threadlift, contour lift, featherlift, and Endo-Aptos face lift.

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Saint Lucia By plane

St. Lucia has two airports,

George FL Charles Airport(near Castries)
Hewanorra International (near Vieux Fort)

George FL Charles Airport is closer to many of the all-inclusive resorts, but is a fairly small airfield, and only light aircraft tend to land there. It can be a little harrowing to land at, and can be crowded to depart from.

Hewanorra is larger, but tends to be 1 hour by Taxi from most of the major resorts in the north. However, the journey north is a good way to see the island except if you arrive at night.

Aptos Neck Lift Procedure in Saint Lucia (LC)

The Aptos neck lift cosmetic procedure is a new type of non-invasive plastic surgery. The threadlift procedure utilizes specially made threads as sutures to lift the sagging skin of the neck mechanically. The normal thread material is polypropylene and it had been approved by the FDA of the United States. However, the Aptos threadlift sutures had been modified by the creation of cogs on one side of the thread. The cogs engage the soft neck tissues and create the lifting effect on the skin of the neck. Aptos neck lift could be combined with neck liposuction procedure.

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Precautions in Aptos Neck Lift Plastic Surgery in Saint Lucia (LC)

Persons with very loose skin would not be good candidates for Aptos neck lift. Normally, patients above the age of 30 are ideal for this neck procedure. It might take about 6 to 8 weeks for the threads to become stabilized by the formation of new collagen around the cogs of the threads. Some amount of bruising might occur in patients but other side effects that are normal in facelift surgeries like scars, numbness, swelling, and muscle weakness are avoided in Aptos neck lift. In certain cases, the threads might disengage or break resulting in asymmetry. This might require the placement of a new thread or tightening of the existing thread to restore the contour.

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