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The Aptos face lift cosmetic procedure was developed by the Russian surgeon Dr. Marlen Sulamanidze and his son, Dr. Georgi Sulamanidze in 1996. In the traditional facelift, the face procedure is invasive, with the removal of fat, tissue, or skin. In Aptos face lift, threads that had been made from a unique bio-compatible material are used.

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What Does Aptos Face Lift Do?
Aptos Face Lift cannot stop the aging process but it can "turn back time" by removing extra skin and fat and by straightening the muscles. There are also “lifts” that are done in the neck, or Neck Lift, and here are also Lower Facelifts also Forehead lifts that shuns away creases. These are all offered in .

Aptos Face Lift Procedure

In this special plastic surgery, the skin, fat, and tissue are not removed by surgical methods. Instead, specially made barbed threads are used to pull the skin tighter. The Aptos threads have tiny spikes in their entire length. These threads are inserted by the surgeon under the skin at various angles to lift the sagging skin and the cheeks and to fill them out. It would take a skilled surgeon about 45 minutes to an hour to perform the Aptos facelift under local anesthetic.

There would be no scars in this face procedure, which could occur in conventional facelifts. The patient would completely recover in 3-4 days. The results of this facelift are immediate. The cost of this delicate plastic surgery would be only about half of the traditional cosmetic procedures. Even persons with moderate sagging could undergo Aptos facelift. Hollow cheeks and sun damaged skin could be rectified by Aptos facelift. The effect of an Aptos facelift normally lasts up to 5 years and it could be repeated any number of times.

Combination of Aptos Facelift with Other Cosmetic Procedures

Aptos facelift could be combined with chin liposuction or eyelid surgery. The skin of the face could be tightened by the Aptos facelift, while the chin liposuction would remove the excess fat from the chin and rectify the problem of double chin. The eyelid surgery would correct the bags under the eye and rejuvenate the wrinkled skin. The entire face would look fresh, energetic, and youthful after a plastic surgery combining all these methods.

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