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Opting for Alopecia Reduction to reduce baldness


Imagine being able to cure hair loss by just reducing the bald area. Alopecia reduction attempts to do just that by try to retain the scalp that has good amount of hair growing on it while getting rid of the portion with the Alopecia reduction.

Before the procedure

Of course, there are a couple of things to note before you go gung ho and get an alopecia reduction done for yourself. Firstly, baldness of only particular kinds can be cured by this method. Even amongst those types, the success rate is not always a hundred percent and you should be willing to accept a close match if not the exact thing that you were promised.

The reality

The procedure has minimal risks. Unlike many cosmetic treatments, alopecia procedure is actually very safe and can be performed repetitively owing to the scalp’s nature to regain its loose shape. If you are happy with the results of your first alopecia treatment, you can wait for a while and then go in and get another treatment done to further reduce baldness.

After the procedure

There are some measures that you need to take once the surgery has been completed. The scalp line is prominent in patients post surgery. If it is a serious issue, you can club alopecia reduction with hair transplant to get better results. You might also have some swelling following the surgery, which is normal and not to be worried about.


Alopecia reduction procedure is a dream come true for many patients suffering from Alopecia reduction. It can help improve the appearance of your face significantly. In terms of cost, it is on the same level as hair transplanting. If your doctor deems your condition to be suitable for alopecia reduction, then it is definitely worth a try since this is a more natural way to regain your baldness.

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Plastic Surgery Your Procedure Procedure Animation

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